Project Description

FSPP – Flame Spray Polypropylene


V.I.P. Verniciatura Industriale Pesarese Srl is offering FSPP Flame Spray Polypropylene coating for pipelines.

Flame Spray Polypropylene (FSPP) technologies are particularly useful with custom pieces, bends, buckle arrestors etc., items whose shapes are difficult to coat. Powder is carried in a stream of air and is fed into the center of an annular combustion flame where it is heated.

A second outer annular nozzle feeds a stream of air, around the powder stream, which accelerates the spray particles toward the substrate and prevents burning of the powder.

Long-term anticorrosive protection
The FBE primer offers an excellent adhesion to the substrate and provides a long-term corrosion protection for pipelines operating at moderate temperatures. It also ensures resistance to cathodic disbondment so the total cost of cathodic protection of the pipeline decreases.

Very good mechanical protection
The layer of applied polypropylene protects the pipeline during transport and installation, thus reducing repair costs and guarantees underground protection against mechanical, chemical and abrasive. The thicker the applied polypropylene the higher the obtained mechanical protection.

Other advantages of the sintered system
V.I.P. using this special application technique is able to coat also specific pieces with special shapes.
(bends, tees, reducers, joints, etc.).
There aren’t any limitations about the amount of pieces to coat, even the single piece can be treated.
3LPP can be applied in different thicknesses to meet the requirements of the project specifications.

  • Buckle arrestors,
  • Small and large pipes
  • Standard fittings
  • Wide radius bends
  • Special fittings
  • Surface preparation: oven pre-heating (if required), blasting, testing
  • Anticorrosive coating: oven pre-heating, FBE spray powder
  • Adhesive layer: spray adhesive
  • Top coat: PP flame spray application
  • Water cooling
  • Testing, packing, ready for shipment
Diameter from 1/2” to 120”
Maximum unit length 13.5 meters
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg.

Fittings and/or special pieces, Joints and/or custom pieces:
Curves, T-shapes, reductions, flanges, bends, tees, reducers, flanges, buckle arrestors, etc.
Maximum size 3.0 x 3.0 x 13.5 meters
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg.
Maximum thickness of the coating 3,5 mm.

  • Specific Gravity PE: 0.943 g/cm3
  • Elongation at Break ISO 527: > 40%
  • Hardness: Shore D 63

DIN30678, UNI ENI ISO 21809/1, UNI ENI ISO 21809/3, NF A 49-711

FSPP Flame Spray Polypropylene

FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) is the best epoxy resin powder applied on pre‐heated surfaces. Thermosetting coating designed for the anticorrosive protection of articles destined to immersion or buried services in oil and gas sector and in the protection of the water pipeline.




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