FSPE automatic process

Flame Spray Polyethylene quick automatic process

Flame Spray Polyethylene (FSPE) coating – automatic process

V.I.P. Pesaro is one of the few companies able to offer Flame Spray Polyethylene (FSPE) coating on special pieces as well as on pipes.

This technology is particularly useful with custom pieces, bends, buckle arrestors etc., items whose shapes are difficult to coat.

Our FSPE coating is composed by a first layer of FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) followed by a second layer of PE flock sprayed and an outer layer of FSPE flame sprayed onto the surface. Powder is carried in a stream of air and is fed into the center of an annular combustion flame where it is heated.
A second outer annular nozzle feeds a stream of air, around the powder stream, which accelerates the spray particles toward the substrate and prevents burning of the powder.