Valve coating - stripe coat

For V.I.P. Verniciatura Industriale Pesarese every detail counts!

What’s the added value of a SME?

We are more keen to pay attention to details, as for this valves pampered with a stripe coat layer in the most critical points!

We are able to coat almost everything, and we love challenging projects!

Custom pieces are our favorite ones, even if these require lots of attention and care.

In the last decades the global market has changed, several companies began to prefer quantity rather than quality,

for us this is unacceptable.

Probably we seem mad to some of you, but for us craftsmanship and technology cannot live without each other.

It doesn’t matter the quantity,

it doesn’t matter the dimension,

it doesn’t matter the shape,

we coat everything you need as we love challenges and every detail counts for us!

The images in this post are related to two interesting projects.

Some of those are from Galli & Cassina for MWD (Metropolitan Water District) of Southern California,

the other ones are made by Cameron a Schlumberger company intended for Saudi Aramco.